Thursday, March 24, 2011

Publix Haul This Week

Ok, I would normally have done this tomorrow for Friday Finals but I couldn’t wait!! I had a GREAT shopping trip this morning and I am absolutely ecstatic. I was able to share with a few others how they can do this too. As the cashier rings up the coupons and takes a look at my savings she asks me to tell her how  I did that. ;) Well I wrote down the site for Southern Savers because that is where I go to print my list. I love Jenny over there and am so thankful she does all the matching up for me. Yeah Jenny!!!

I gave her the site and told her to let me know if she had any questions. I am usually in there once a week now so just let me know. Yes grocery shopping once a week is a lot but I can’t help it when I can get this type of load


If you are on Weight Watchers this is a week for you to shop! Their bakery items and their ice cream is B1G1 with great coupon matchups. Now my total bill without the savings would have been $218 and some change. With coupons and the awesomeness of Publix sales, I paid $98 dollars!! I also got the Kibbles N Bit’s Deal this week and will donate those to the local shelter since my pups don’t eat that. :)

These right here



Were FREE!!! Go to your Redplum from 3/20 and there is a coupon for $1/2. These are priced at 2/$1 this week so you get them for free! Let me know how you guys do this week! Can’t wait to here all the stories!

Have a great Thursday!

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