Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Goal Setting

Okay so this is a new week, in a new month. Think it is time to set some goals for the month and the week. I am on Weight Watchers new program and enjoying it. I hope to lose at least 1 pound this week. Last week I was up a few ounces so want to see a loss this week. I also have to get some article writing done and want to post a blog at least once a day all week. I then want to browse through some more great blogs from the UBP! If you haven't found out about that check out my post here. I also want to see what great deals I can find this week if there are any out there I just can't live without. LOL

Today will be sort of busy with Boo Bear being out of school and having his assessment. Also got some housework to do too. LOL I need to do some Spring Cleaning as well. Have you already started on yours? What tips do you have to share with other mommies on your spring cleaning ideas? I would love to hear how you guys get your start.

Be Blessed and have a wonderful start to the new week.

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  1. Actually clicked your link through the Wednesday Work out blog list, but I'm doing the UBP11 too. :-)

    I'm struggling with spring cleaning this year.. I just can't seem to make the time for it. (I say, as I sit here typing...) but I think that my weekly cleaning schedule is in depth enough that in most rooms, it's really not needed? That's what I want to believe, anyway.


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