Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's Tip Question

Today I am going to focus on organization... Oh my... ;0) How many of you stay organized no matter what goes on? What tips do you have for balancing housework, time with children, work if you do work from home and everything else? What can you share with everyone that works for you?

Me? I am not sure yet. LOL I know I try to do my computer work while Boo Bear is at school for the couple hours he goes. I also try to get the housework done then too but it doesn't always work that way. Do your children help you with your housework? Do they have little chore charts to help out yet? I am thinking of doing that with him so he can see his accomplishments and also what we want him to do to help out. He likes to help out most times. The other day I got a new Swiffer sweeper because we have all tile through out the living areas. He had the best time sweeping for me and then mopping. I had to go back over it in spots but he felt so big and accomplished. :o)

I can tell you this about myself. I am a planner. I mean I plan events months ahead of time and I am concerned with details long before anyone else would be. Some may find it crazy and giggle at me but that is just me. If there is a birthday coming up or a trip coming up you can bet I have all the details figured out well ahead of time. LOL I do not like to not know what is going on. I like to feel like I have some control over the events we will be having. No I don't think I am a control freak per say just I like to know things like we will be here this time and then we have to go there at that time. Oh yeah we have X this weekend type thing.  My son's 5th birthday is coming up in a month and I am thinking about the details now which is slightly late for me. I remember planning his first birthday party in February. ;o) 

I know a lot of ladies like to use Fly Lady. What are your go to tips for staying organized and balanced? I want to hear from you! Share with me what tips get you through your days and weeks. Would love to hear your feedback!

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