Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Whoa... I just have to share what has been going on the past two days. My son is a deep thinker. You may think oh he is five how deep can he get? Well think discussions on Heaven, missing his great grandmother who has already gone home, asking God to bring her back, asking me what Jesus' phone number is, and more. Today he got mad at me and said that he was going to find a new family ;o) Well I told him I guess I would get to play with all his toys. I did not make a big deal about it because last night and today he has been looking for ways to argue with me. {One of those things I guess} Well I was making dinner and he comes in with tears in his eyes and tells me he doesn't want to ever leave me. He wants to always stay with me. Poor Boo Bear. My heart was broken for him because he was so pitiful. I have tried to get him to understand that he is stuck with me for forever. LOL No getting rid of this Mama. After talking with him he felt better. He is such a deep thinker. He asks me questions that I am puzzled at how to explain to him without throwing him for a loop. Death has unfortunately been a thing he has dealt with at such an early age. From losing my grandmother almost a year ago to two family pets {grandparents pets} passing, we have tried to help him understand without too much information or detail. He is so precious to me and I want to shield him from as much hurt as I possibly can.

Who knows what else this week will hold. ;) We will see what other deep thoughts he comes up with this week. I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday evening. I have to go ponder how to answer my son's next questions... ;o)

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