Sunday, June 5, 2011

My First Homeschool Mother’s Journal- Entry #1

I am super excited to start joining the link up every week as we go through our journey. Thanks so much to Sue for hosting this each week. I can’t wait to get to know the other momma’s and share our ups and downs with you.

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In My Life This Week… This was our last week of pre-k. We are now on to summer vacation and working on deprogramming Boo Bear from the traditional school setting. This should be fun. ;) We have had a blast with end of the year parties and play dates.
In our homeschool this week… We are officially homeschooling as of this past Friday. We are on summer break while sort of integrating homeschool plans and routines in. We have started working in our You Can Read curriculum and also had a fun lesson on where our food comes from today while we were picking some blueberries on a u pick farm.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… We saw our friends on Friday for a nice playdate and lunch. We also went to a movie this weekend as a family and had a blast. Oh and an impromptu water gun fight yesterday was a blast!
Things I am working on… We are trying to get into a routine at home. We are working on a break while I am getting myself prepared and ready for our homeschool year. We are going to work on a reading log this summer to see how many books I can read to him/together. It should be fun.
Books I am Reading… I have started reading a Nora Roberts series so that should be fun. I am also going to do some more exploring on author’s this summer. Anyone have any suggestion.
A photo, video, link , or quote to share… My creation with some of our berries we picked. Blueberry muffins with a streusel topping.

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun happening at your house! Remember, at his age you don't need a ton of curriculum and the like...lots of reading to/with him and lots of platyime=tons and tons of learning. You're a great mom, I can tell :)

    What Nora Roberts series did you start? I enjoy her books and the books she writes as J.D. Robb as well!


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