Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Whew I am worn out already this morning... I didn't sleep the greatest last night and we did a lot of things yesterday. We went to the summer $1.00 movies and saw Marmaduke. My son loves that movie and I do too. ;o) We had a great time watching it and laughing together. I lucked out yesterday and my Regal movie card printed a coupon out for us a free drink and $2.00 popcorn. Awesome! :)

We ran some errands then ended up going to the library for a pajama party last night. That was a blast too! Now I have a meeting today, a birthday party this week, playdate to try and fit in somewhere oh and my house does need to be cleaned up. Whew!!

It just dawned on me yesterday that we are almost halfway done with summer. I am thankful I am doing the Connections Academy with him this year because I would feel like we didn't have time to do much Summer type stuff. We haven't been to the beach yet or to our theme parks we have passes too. Plus there were so many things I wanted to do this summer. Hmm.. Looks like we need to get busy, after we have had time to recoup from the last few weeks. ;) Oh and I would like to take a family vacation in there somewhere. Oh well. Life just seems to be moving too fast for me these days.

Next week is our first week of VBS!! Super excited! Hope you all have a great Wednesday. I have to go wake up my little guy and get ready to leave again... Be Blessed!

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  1. Funny how they call it the lazy days of summer, isn't it? We are non stop these days and mostly out of the actually cleaning the house has kind of been left in the...ah, dust. literally. LOL


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