Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesdays Journey

Here are some more of my journey to a 1000 Gifts ... Have you started your journey yet?

11. The Beach - I never did like the sand all that much but I love the beach. Love the waves and the peacefulness that comes with the water rolling.

12. Love getting fresh clothes out of the laundry.. I love that right out of the dryer warmth and smell...hmmm

13. Love fresh veggies... There is nothing like a great tomato, sweet Vidalia onion, and fresh cooked veggies on a hot summer afternoon.

14. Love the AC... Thankful that we can have the climate control that we do. So many do not have those simple items... Things we take for granted are really gifts.

15. ... laughter. I love to laugh. I love to hear my son laugh. I love laughing until I can't breathe. I love laughing till I cry. Just laughing...

16. Nature walks with my son... I love taking a nature walk with him and discovering the world around us. I love living in a state that makes this possible in times when it is impossible in other areas.

17. Hearing my son pray... He is only 5. But he can and does often pray from his heart. Not just the recitation we try to teach them of how to pray but really pray. It brings a lump to my throat to sit and listen as he talks to God.

18. Puzzles - I have recently discovered I really like doing puzzles. It is a peaceful way to just let my mind veg....

19. Old Movies - I love watching movies. It doesn't matter... I just love watching movies over and over again.

20. Working at home - I love being able to contribute to the household some and be here for my son. It is a blessing and a gift I have prayed for since I knew I was going to have him....

Thank you Lord for all these gifts and more. I am working on my list. Join up with me every Tuesday and share your list too! Come on... What are your gifts?

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