Saturday, August 27, 2011

Check out TracFone as a way to Stay Connected

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We all know how crazy our summers can be. Between sports activities, vacations and field trips it can be hard to stay connected to your family members. TracFone is offering you a great new way to do just that. You can check out why some of their customers love it here real TracFone customers

If you are a parent who has considered getting a cell phone for your son or daughter you may want to consider this first. You can get a great phone with excellent connectivity without being tied into a contract. You do not have to worry about credit checks preventing you from getting a new phone either. You can cancel at any time you need to. This will truly give you the freedom you have been looking for with your cell phone plans. There are so many features you can choose from. You can get a plan as low as $9.99 for 50 minutes a month. If you are using this a just a back up or emergency phone that is all you need. If you need more minutes you can choose plans that have 200 minutes for $30 a month. You can pay as you go online or you can go to your favorite retailer. You can also check out the year service card which will give you many benefits including double minutes for the life of your phone!  You also receive great nationwide service with all the phones. Want a smart phone? No problem! You can even choose from brand name phones like Samsung and Motorola. If you want just a simple phone for texting and calling they have great options for as low as $10.00. Check out what real TracFone customers have to say about their experiences. 

There are so many options to choose from and you can keep in contact for less than the big contract prices. Check out the real TracFone customers to get more information on why so many people love their TracFone. Find out why so many people love their TracFone here

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