Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Moments

Howdy! Boy has this been a wild week/weekend. I have been fighting something this past week that has been awful. I am so thankful for auto publishing and the ability to do the post on Sunday LOL . I went to the doc on Monday and had some sort of infection on my leg. Long story short I had a bad reaction to a medicine that they put me on and I am trying to still get over it. Oh my.

Well we are visiting my parents so it has been fun doing that. We have been hanging out and relaxing. Not too much going on except getting ourselves in the groove of school. Good thing about homeschool is that when mommy is sick we can improvise. ;-) .
How has your week been going? Good I hope. I am going to be hanging out some more this week and hoping to get rid of whatever this lingering mess is. Hope you all have a wonderful week and be blessed!!

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  1. I felt the same thing last week...just generally "blah"...but it never became anything. I just feel like I could sleep for a year. Feel better soon!


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