Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday's Recipe: Japanese Cheese Steak

This was something my hubby and I made up on a spur of the moment whim. It turned out really well and I wanted to share it with you. :o)

"Japanese" Cheese Steak -{Title credit goes to my hubby}
Beef - We chose some from Wal Mart that was thin sliced. You could choose top sirloin or other type of beef of your choice.
Teriyaki Sauce
1 onion Chopped
1 Bell Pepper chopped
Buns of your choice

Slice the meat thin and place in your skillet. Add diced onion and peppers and toss around cooking till meat is no longer pink. You can choose how done you like your meat depending on the cut of beef you use. Toss in Teriyaki sauce to taste.
Once you have your veggies cooked to desired tenderness and your meat is done then you can place on your buns. We chose an Everything Kaiser type roll and it was heavenly. We toasted these rolls in the skillet after the meat mixture was done so they had the nice juices toasted in.
They were yummy! Do you have a favorite quick week night meal? Please share it as I am always looking for new recipes!

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