Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: Have you grabbed God yet?

I was sitting in church Sunday morning worshiping and listening to the Pastor as we were getting ready to take up the offering. He started talking about things going on and for some reason this story hit me.  He didn't even touch this story but talked about our faith. Faith is so important. Then my son told me after we left that we walk by faith and not by sight. That was the first thing out of his mouth when I picked him up from Bible class. I just wanted to share this with you. Maybe it is something you need to hear. Maybe it is just something I need to say...

Most everyone knows the story. Preachers use it for different sermons. Matthew, Mark and Luke write about it in their books but it is a little different in each one. They tell of a woman who was healed when she got a hold of Jesus garment. She fought to reach him though the crowds were around her. She had suffered for 12 years with her condition and one book says that she suffered much at the hands of doctors and could not be healed. She knew in her heart if she could just touch him, just touch the hem of His garment she would be made whole.

Imagine you in the crowd. You have suffered from ailments for weeks, months or even years. It could be a number of things that are ailing you. No matter what that is do you have Faith? The same theme ran true in each account of her healing: My Daughter, your FAITH has made you whole. Wow... Do we have the faith to fight through the crowds of the media, the negativity, the bills, the everyday issues that come our way to grab a hold of Him? What would happen if we truly grabbed a hold of God? Do we pray and ask God to do something but give up before He answers? Or maybe we try to do things on our own because we don't think God is listening. Sometimes we think our timing is better than his timing. How many times has that been successful for you? How many times would it be that you ended up back on your knees and waiting for God's divine timing?

I am ready to grab a hold of God and let Him heal me. I am ready to be healed of my doubts and ready to strengthen my faith. I am ready to let Him have control and know that He has everything in the palm of His hands. I am ready to see where God wants to take me and our family. I am ready to have the kind of faith that stands up and takes a trial head on instead of cowering and worrying.

I pray for you to be strong and to grow in your faith. I pray that you grab a hold of Him and never let go. I pray that you have a wonderfully blessed rest of your week. If you are going through a trial remember that He is holding you in His hands. May you be blessed !

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