Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday's Moments

Well we had a nice relaxing/cleaning weekend here. :-) How about you? I organized and cleaned out our master bedroom. The bathroom is next. I hate that it gets so cluttered sometimes no matter how much you try to avoid that. I am starting to read the Flylady's kitchen sink book this week so hopefully that will help me. Why is it that we enjoy a clean house but life takes over and it is a mess again before we know it? I trip over cars, stuffed animals and transformers. But you know what? I would not have it any other way! Tripping over those toys reminds me again that I have a beautiful blessing in my son! I will one day miss tripping over those cars and having to remind him to put his train track away. I love him and I love every day we get to hang out. These times are precious and slowly slipping away.

Okay now that I am done being sappy for a moment... Here is a snapshot of our weekend. I hope you have a wonderful week head of you and enjoy every minute!!

Good Morning Buddy!!

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  1. Those days of wishing for a magazine perfect house have been traded for the "I live in my house" and I am happy with it like it is. We are wearing the same shoes.


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