Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday's Journey

240. The fact that the weather is cooling down enough we can enjoy going out in the mornings to play with our pups.

241.Planning our new homeschool Space unit study! This is going to be so much fun!

242. The rain washing everything new and clean again.

243. Trying new recipes! I may have already mentioned this but I tried one this week and it was great!!! I will share it probably on Thursday. It came from a fellow blogger and it was awesome!!

244. Cooking for my family. I truly do love to cook. :)

245. Organizing rooms. I tackled our master bedroom this past weekend. I will tackle another area probably the next weekend. I want to work on it a little at a time till it is all done.

246. The way God provides when you need it. Work for me has been a little slack these past few weeks with things going on but boy did He provide in a big way this past weekend. Thank you Lord!

247. My Blog followers - You guys never know how much it means to me that you hang around. I never thought I had much to say that anyone would want to listen to but you guys proved me wrong. :-) Love and blessings to you all!!

248. Meeting new friends - I loved watching my kiddo introduce me to his new friends he met at homeschool art and pe this week. Can't wait for our next class.

249. Love the release of stress that has taken place since we have stopped the virtual school. I love that we can do school our way and not worry about someone's agenda.

250. Finding old pictures of my hubby and me before we were married. Maybe I should share some of those on Wordless Wednesday posts. ;) We will see...

251. Watching junk walk out of my house.. via my awesome hubby that is... I love the feeling of getting rid of unwanted and unused items. I am starting a yard sale/goodwill pile here too.

252. Learning new things... I am so excited about this space study because I will learn right along with Boo Bear.

253. The wonder in Boo Bear's eyes when he catches on to something new and exciting!

254. Redoing my furniture. Love moving it around every few months or so.

255. Thankful for my hubby. He is an awesome provider and a great hand to have around the house. He is very supportive of our homeschool and makes it easier for me to do this.

256. Hugs and snuggles with my little guy early in the morning.

257. Hearing my kiddo fall back asleep when he crawls back in the bed with me.

258. Meeting the other bloggers and homeschool mommies I have in the past few months. You guys are awesome and wonderful support!

259. I won two books last week! I'm very honored and excited to have been chosen the winner for those. yeah

Join me each week as I take a journey to 1000 gifts. Have you started your journey yet? What are you thankful for?

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