Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Journey

201. First hint of fall... we aren't quite there yet but the evenings are cooling down a little bit.

202. Starting a new season

203. Discovering new things about history I didn't know.

204. Salt and Vinegar potato chips.... I know I know.. They are not the best for you but boy do they taste good. My kiddo loves them just as much as I do. I think he is taking after me on the vinegar type foods. ;o)

205. Taking my towels out of the dryer

206. Singing at the top of my lungs with Boo Bear in the car to his favorite song

207. Reading a new chapter in our Magic Treehouse book every night. We just started a new one last night..

208. Coming up with new ideas for our school to make it fun

209. Watching my son as he grasps a concept he has had a hard time getting.

210. Cuddle time

211. Watching the Pirates of the Caribbean all together. (They were playing them all on TV yesterday EEEEEE!! )

212. The feeling I have after a good workout. Of course I don't work out as often as I SHOULD, but I still love that feeling.

213. A clean house... I am thankful for the help of my hubby and kiddo this weekend getting things back in order.

214. The smell of the grill in the backyard. I love it when my hubby grills as he is such a master griller. ;o) I love it that he will also grill all year round!!!

215. The Fall season approaching and all that comes with it.

216. I love the Fall activities. We have all sorts of fall festivals, new ideas to do and new adventures to take.

217. Family movie night... This past weekend we watched Rio together. It was very good.

218. Finishing a project...

219. Love the fact that Boo Bear is getting in our routine here at home and it is not a hassle anymore to get started with school work. He actually tells me it is time to go. ;o)

220. My MIL's cooking. She made a wonderful pasta dish this past weekend to celebrate my hubby's birthday. My Boo Bear ate two plates of it at lunch and at dinner. :o) He loves Nana's pasta. LOL

Join us each week as we take our Journey to 1000 gifts. If you have a journey post then please link up with me. I would love to hear about your journey too!!

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  1. New follower Jen! Thought I was following you before. Guess I just keep up through Fb. I've recently started back bloggin...I've missed it. Precious blog - excited to see it in my reader now! ;) -Jessica


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