Friday, October 7, 2011

MHJ #9 Slow Week...

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In My Life This Week...  I am trying to find the balance between working at home, homeschooling, wife and mommy. The work at home was slightly balanced but I received a great new job this past week and this was my second official week doing it. I have been getting up at 5:30 or so to make sure I can get it done before Boo Bear gets up and we start our day. Some days I was successful. Others... well... he wasn't far behind my alarm clock.

We also started T-ball this week and I have volunteered to help the team. This should be interesting. ;-) We have also been fighting off severe allergies this week for the hubby and son. We have goldenrod surrounding our house and I think that might be the culprit. Hopefully it will be gone soon...

In our homeschool this week...  We missed our Art class Wednesday since Boo wasn't feeling well. This means we also took it easy and had a light week. We did some math and other things but basically wasn't pushing for major accomplishments. One thing I am super excited about is that he is starting to show an interest in arts and coloring. He has never been one to want to draw or color and he is doing more and more art on his own. We have done some great Fall art activities this week and had a blast doing them. I am looking forward to more next week.

Helpful advice to share... Let Go and Let God!! I am learning the more I let go and let Him take control the less I stress.... I am also sitting back and letting Boo Bear lead the learning more instead of stressing over what HAS to be done. It doesn't HAVE to be done right this second. Chill out Mama! ;)

I am inpsired by... All the other mommies out there who share their tips and journeys every day. I gain so much encouragement and inspiration from you all. While part of me does still freak out a little I am learning more and more everyday from you wonderful ladies that it will all come together.

Places we're going and people we're seeing... Because of the allergies we haven't done much this week but hopefully we can get some fun in. We have made one trip to the library and grocery store. Not quite as fun as we hoped but still fun nonetheless. Maybe next week we can sneak in a field trip somewhere exciting.

I'm Reading...  A book for review called Soul Reader. So far so good. I am falling deep into it and hope to have it done soon so I can share it with you all.

I'm cooking... I am so in the fall mood. I cooked a big pot of chili this week and it was yummy. Ended up making it a little too spicy for Boo Bear but it was still yummy. I am possibly making crabcakes either from scratch or I will cheat. (They are on sale at Publix this week) This is for our Geography study we are doing and we are visiting Delaware this week. Crab is also one of our favorites anyway so this works perfectly!

I'm praying for...  Friends and family who are in need this week. I am also praying that God continues to guide us in the way our homeschool should go.

A video...  Someone shared this on Facebook this week and I absolutely love it. Remember we are only as old as we feel. Enjoy!!


  1. Visiting from THMJ! We shared a lot of similar feelings this week: letting go and allowing the Lord to lead our homes and families. This is particularly difficult to learn on the homeschooling adventure. I continue to struggle with it. My heart knows to do it, but sometimes my head lags behind! I also adore all of the fabulous online mothers who are so open and encouraging! I don't know what I'd do without these outlets. Enjoyed reading about your week!

  2. My favorite allergy remedy is local honey. It is more of a long term remedy, but it has worked for us. Not to mention it is the best tasting medicine out there. ;0)

    I feel really guilty when we take time off. I feel like we need to be on this strict schedule. But that is just because it is how I was taught in ps. It is hard to let go of that mentality. I am still learning to let go of that. And it is amazing to see what can be learned without books and "teaching."

  3. I also agree I love reading through everyone's blogs and seeing they have doubts and bad days as well, plies learning do much from other moms... Love homeschooling in a modern age


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