Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Moments

Happy Monday to you! Oh, and Happy Columbus Day too! :-) We will be learning about Columbus in school today. At least that is the plan anyway... LOL

This weekend was pretty much a stay at home and do nothing kind of weekend. It started off Friday night with T-ball practice and then we had our first game on Saturday morning. It was all between the rain storms that came in and decided to stay the whole weekend. **sigh** While I do enjoy the rain and I am thankful for it, it does make it hard for a five year old to really get to do much of anything. I would normally let him go out and play in the mud if it wasn't thundering and lightening but this is a chilly, cool rain with the wind really blowing. I am afraid of him catching a cold with it being cooler.

We are going to try some new things in school this week. Maybe shake things up a bit. I am going to be planning a trip sometime this month to the aquarium to meet Winter. We watched the movie Dolphin Tale and fell in love with her. I would love to be able to show him where it took place. I will have to get that scheduled. This month is a full month for us otherwise. It seems like there is something going on all the time. That is one good thing about fall and one not so great thing too. I love doing things but sometimes it really gets wild.

So what are your plans for the week? I do want to tell you I have got some fun things coming up in the bloggy world. There is at least one, possibly two giveaways coming up really soon and some great book reviews. Plus who knows what else we may run into. :) Oh, if you do have a favorite recipe of yours please let me know. I would love to try it out and share it with others. I love to cook and finding new ideas is so much fun! Have a great week ahead of you!

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