Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My First Hands-On Bible By Tyndale Review

** This is a MamaBuzz Media Review. This product was provided by Tyndale Publications for this review. All opinions are mine.**

When I saw this opportunity to review a bible for kids I jumped at the chance. We have been looking for a bible for Boo Bear that was more than just stories but still on his level. I have to say when we got the My First Hands-On Bible by Tyndale for review I immediately fell in love! It is a great bible for preschoolers and even for older ages as well. It is very detailed with great activities to go along with all of the stories. My favorite part of this bible was the fact that it reads LIKE the bible. Most of our young bible books are just stories and don't really read like scripture. This was one of MY favorite things about this bible.

The colors and pages are beautifully illustrated and bright and colorful to attract your child's attention. The cover is a warm and inviting illustration and sucks you in to begin with. My son is also picking up the lessons very easily. For example, we recently read the story on the Tower of Babel. He started talking about it the other day just out of no where and could tell me the story completely. I love that he can understand the stories and pick them up later on. They are written in the New Living Translation and it makes it easy to understand while still keeping the scripture feel. I think it is a great option to have if you can get your hands on it. You can teach your child to read the bible everyday and prepare them to read it the way it is written.

This bible retails for $16.99. I highly recommend this if you have a younger child who you are trying to teach the valuable lessons and stories in the bible too. I hope you fall in love with this as much as we have!

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