Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday's Journey

340. My son's sense of humor... He has his daddy's sarcasm and quick wit. They both keep me laughing.

341. Great Friends

342. Spending time with family

343. This beautiful fall weather!!

345. Watching my son play T ball and connecting with new friends.

346. My new crock pot. Thanks to my parents for bringing it with them! YEAH!!!

347. Girl time with Mom

348. Discovering a new hobby I love! I am starting to make bead jewelry. It has been a blast and can't wait to dig deeper

349. The Ikea Store. Man that place is just awesome....

350. The freedom that homeschool gives you.

351. Playing at the park with friends on a cool afternoon.

352. Fresh farm eggs- Thanks to my friend we got to enjoy them this week.

353. A good cup of coffee...

354. My grandmother's tupperware.... It means more to me than just a nice container.

355. A good book

356.  A good night's sleep

357. Playing outside because it is cool enough to enjoy it!

358. My kiddo laughing so hard while trying to paint his feet to do the feet ghost.

359. Trying new foods. We tried a new squash this week and it was quite tasty.

Join me on the journey every week to reach 1000 gifts. Count your blessings not your trials! What are you grateful for today?

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