Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday's Journey

280. Beautiful Beaches....

281. Beautiful Fall Days...

282. A good ball game

283. Learning that I am not alone and I am not the only one dealing with the struggles of homeschooling a kindergartner.

284. Learning to let go of my idea of what school has to be and learning what school can be.

285. Making new friends when you least expect it.

286. For teenagers who are not afraid to include a five year old in their badminton game and make him feel like he is running the show. This weekend at our family reunion those kiddos really took Boo Bear under their wing and he felt like an older kid. Thanks guys!!

287. Exploring nature with my son and finding wonderful creation all around.

288. Doing puzzles together as a family.

289. The fall season and all the holidays and fun it brings.

290. A hard working and loving hubby. He got a promotion at work this week that he has been working for for a long time. I am so proud of him!

291.Meeting new doggie friends... We met a wonderful English mastiff this weekend that was so sweet and gentle. Maybe that is the type of dog we will get next. hmmm

292. Listening to my son tell everyone he can read 41 words now. It is such a blessing to hear him excited about what he is doing.

293. I am so thankful for the opportunity to homeschool. When I talk with other parents who have pulled their children from Public school and the reasons why it just encourages me that much more that I am doing the right thing.

294. Connecting with other homeschool families in our area.

295. Pizza and movie night with my family.

296. The excited little voice that comes out of my son when he realizes it is the weekend and Daddy stays home with us all day! :)

297. My mommy time I get every once in awhile.

298. The cuddles and snuggles and kisses and hugs I get right before bedtime from Boo Bear.

299. Hearing Boo Bear say his prayers at night before bed. He is so open and honest with God and it moves me to be the same.

Join me each week as we take our Journey to 1000 Gifts. What are you thankful for today? Be Blessed!!

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