Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday's Journey

300. Thankful for the rain.. It is hard to do much with a kiddo and several days in a row can get old BUT I am still thankful that God sends showers.

301. Thankful for a wonderful T- Ball team this year. My hubby and I actually enjoy going to the practices and games and Boo Bear is really connecting with some of the kiddos this year.

302. Watching a Bama football game with my hubby and kiddo. Boo Bear didn't quite make it into the 2nd quarter this past week because he was so tired but hubby and I had a good time watching them play. I may be surrounded by the Gator Nation but I am a Crimson Tide girl all the way!

303. Taking time to hang out with my family. It seems to get so busy between October and January and sometimes doesn't feel like we have any time off at all. A rainy weekend means time in with them and time to relax.

304. T-Ball. I am falling in love with it more this year I think because my kiddo is having a blast.

305. Trying a new recipe. We tried one this week and I love, love LOVED it! I will share it with you later this week.

306. Cooking with Boo Bear. He loves to get in the kitchen and help me. I love that he wants to help so I am trying to nurture that whenever he shows interest. Sometimes it is not as easy as it sounds but we have a good time.

307. My morning cup cups of coffee. I never was much of a coffee drinker but I think I grew into it. ;)

308. Making a recipe that my grandparents passed down to me. This past weekend I made my grandfather's potato salad and it brings back lots of memories. I love that nostalgia feeling and I love his potato salad.

309. Jamming out in the car with my son to Veggie Tales songs. We have a good time going grocery shopping or to the library because we sing at the top of our lungs and just have a blast.

310. Making crafts. I am loving that my son is showing an interest in artsy things. He wasn't really into them but now he is showing more and more interest and drawing on his own.

311. I love that my hubby wants to be involved with our school. He is a big help when it comes to the crafty type things. He loves to do those too and it is fun to have Daddy in school too.

312. The fact that homeschooling offers us such freedom. I am struggling still with getting the public school out of my head but we can do as we want. If we want to school for four days a week we can. If we need to do something different because it isn't working for him then we can. I love that freedom that it provides to us to be able to explore and learn as he needs to.

313. The time I get to spend with my son. Yes we have our days where we need a break from each other but for the most part this is the most precious time in my life. I have been and will be able to be there for him and help him along the way. There is nothing that can replace that.

314. I just have to say I love the connection with other homeschool mom's that I have found online. I am slowly meeting some in my community but the instant help of those online is priceless. I can't express enough how grateful I am to those who have helped me along this beginning and let me know I am not alone. There's something about having a week that you are struggling and reading another Mom's blog about sharing the same struggles. It is so amazing and such an inspiration.

315. The smell of the cinnamon brooms in the grocery store. It reminds me that fall is here!!

316. The laughter coming from our office/school room as daddy and Boo Bear play together.

317. Knowing that my parents are coming for a visit soon!

318. Girl's night out. Of course I haven't had one in a while but hope to soon.

319. Sitting on the couch with my hubby on a Saturday night enjoying time together. Just watching a game or just sitting there. It is nice to have that quiet time together.

Join me and many others who are on our Journey to 1000 gifts. Have you started your journey?

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  1. I love this blog the best of all during the week. I look forward to Tuesday's Journey. I love you and so proud of you. You are an awesome mom to Jackson.He loves you with all his heart. Cherish that time because it will be gone before you know it.


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