Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesdays Journey

320. I am thankful for a fun family weekend.

321. God placing people in your life when you need them most.

322. Relaxing Sunday's with the boys.

323. Watching Shamu and the other whales flip and splash and have a great time at Sea World.

324. Watching the dolphins swim around.

325. Coloring pictures with my sweet kiddo.

326. Yummy food my hubby grilled.

327. Meeting new friends.

328. Watching my kiddo play T-Ball.

329. New laundry detergent that smells oh so wonderful.

330. Alone time to reboot... Even if that means shopping at Wal Mart by myself ;)

331. That my son is asking for more and more "boy" time with Daddy. Love the bond they are creating!

332. Watching my son and hubby together. They are hilarious. They are also always plotting some trick to play on mommy.

333. A good jamming song to dance with my son to.

334. Date night.. it doesn't happen often but love it when it does.

335. A healthy and happy child.

336. New and exciting adventures.

337. Watching my son's face and his reaction as he comes in close contact with the dolphins and watching the show at Sea World. He is amazed and so am I...

338. Getting to see family... We have my parents coming to visit! Can't wait! :)

339. T-Ball practice- I am so thankful for the team we have. Great friends and friendships are being formed. :)

Join with me every week as we take our journey to 1000 gifts. What are you grateful for today?

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