Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recipes oh my!!

Well this week I started back on Weight Watchers. I know.. why this time of year? Because this time is as good as any time. LOL So while I am getting back in the groove of things I tried out a few recipes to go along with my weight loss. I have to say... Oh MY!!! I did question whether these were really diet friendly or not... LOL

I love apple butter. I don't ever keep much around because I seem to be the only one that does like it. Also it isn't always diabetic friendly... So... I tried this recipe and the next time I cook it {yes there WILL be a next time} I will try it with Splenda. It was fabulous. My hubby wants me to put it in a crescent roll and fry it into a pie. THAT GOOD! It had the whole house smelling wonderful. You can find the recipe here at Skinny Taste. I have always loved this site but even more so the more recipes I try. This recipe is super easy.

My other one I made yesterday also came from this site. It was the  ricotta cheese chocolate chip muffins. OH MY YUMMINESS!!! I fell in love with this muffin. Here is how my muffins turned out.

They are so yummy and delicious. These are really good when warm so I heated one up with some apple butter for breakfast and had some tomatoes on the side for an 8+ breakfast.

I am always on the lookout for more recipes to try so please send them my way. I would love to showcase your family favorites here!

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