Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekly Wrapup

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In our life this week... I have started back on my weight watchers diet. I like this program... a lot... I was on it at the first of the year and was doing really great. Lost weight. But.. as always does it cost money to do that program... Long story short I slipped and slid. I haven't gained the weight I had lost back BUT I haven't lost anymore either. So this week we jump started back into that diet. I cooked a few recipes off my favorite Weight Watchers recipe site and have been having fun all week.

In our homeschool this week... We are making progress on our journey this week. After a rough week last week we are doing better this week. I am learning things that work for him and things that work for me as well. Balancing my work with his school is a major thing and finally starting to work out.We took a day off this week and had school in a very fun place. ;)

My favorite thing this week... School at Sea World!! We took the day off and went to have a day at Sea World. We enjoyed the sea lion show, short lines for the rides and rode the Polar Express to the North Pole. That does have to be my favorite thing this week!!!

Places we're going/people we're seeing... We had our last TBall game of the season this week. ((sigh)) Sort of bitter sweet. I am ready for time off and I know he is going to miss his friends.

What's Working/Not Working... Well working for us this week is spreading things out and playing more games. Short lessons and working many lessons in throughout the day seems to be better right now. I know that he is only in Kindergarten and many people say you don't have to do much but working with writing, reading and some math. It is hard to get rid of my public school mentality though.

Questions I have... How do you know you are doing enough? I mean I teach and we do things but it almost seems as he catches it more from the computer games he watches and the shows he sees. He watches PBS Kids in the afternoons and he tells me all sorts of stuff I didn't know. For those who have done Kindergarten or are already through how do you know how much to do? How do you know you are doing enough or too much? I know when we have too much.. .{he tells me} I can tell by his actions.

Things I'm working on.. Meal planning is something I am trying to work on myself. I have fallen deep in love with my crockpot. It is so easy to just throw it all together, forget it and have a wonderful meal at the end of the day. With the holidays coming up I am trying to figure out a plan for the next several weeks so we have an idea of what we need and what to do. I am also trying to get a Christmas lapbook together to work on too. I know one thing it is hard to distract a five year old with Christmas coming ;)

I'm reading... Just finished Soul Reader. Now I need some suggestions. What are some good reads?

I'm cooking... Lots of fun stuff. Ricotta Cheese Chocolate Chip Muffins and Crock Pot Apple Butter are my two most recent tries. Yummy and diet friendly :)

I'm grateful for.... my family, friends and the homeschool groups around. I am also grateful for all that God has so richly blessed us with.

A video, picture, quote for the week...

 Candy Corn math thanks to No Time for Flashcards.


  1. The answer to "how do you know you're doing enough" isn't easy. It all depends on what your goals are. The public school mentality these days seem to be getting them ready for algebra. When we went, it was knowing our ABC's.
    I think it's great that you were able to go to Sea World. So much to learn there. Have a good weekend.

  2. There's no cut and dry to whether you're doing enough or too much. He'll let you know. At his age, in *our* family, he would only be focusing on basic math (counting, more and less, VERY basic stuff) and phonics. Everything else would just be "exposure," so I think you're doing fine.


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