Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday's Journey

360. Taking a much needed break

361. Connecting with new friends

362. Discovering something I am sort of good at and having fun at it too.

363. Creating a new hobby

364. A fun fall weekend with my family

365. Coloring with my kiddo

366. Doing science experiments with Boo Bear

367. Carving our Jack - O - Lantern

368. Lunch out with my two favorite boys.

369. When my hubby gets an idea in his head for a new recipe. It usually ends up really good all the time. ;)

Share your journey every week as we travel on a Journey to 1000 gifts. What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. Mmmm. . . yummy! What kind of recipe did he come up with? Thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax hop again. Have a great Tuesday! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


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