Friday, November 11, 2011

Wrapping Up Our Week... MHJ

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In Our Life This Week... Boy has it been an interesting emotional ride. LOL Fortunately for me we are not alone. Unfortunately for our friends it seems to be a rough week all around. ((sigh)) We honestly dealt with one of our first bullying episodes this week from another child on the playground. Just been an odd week all around and we are honestly thankful it is finally FRIDAY!!

In our homeschool this week... Been about the same as the rest of the week. We did start a study on plants this week and that was fun. We will be planting a seed here today or this weekend with daddy. Not sure which yet. We did meet with our homeschool group this week at the park and it was much needed therapy for myself and Boo Bear. We had a great time relaxing and chatting and enjoyed it immensely.

Helpful tips/advice to share... Take a DEEP Breath and step away... LOL I have had to do this in more than just homeschool this week. Monday was a hard time with our reading and it just spiraled down from there. Come to find out the BOB books are boring him and he wants to do something different. So we stopped at the library to get him some easy reader books and hopefully that helps. So when it gets rough. take a deep breath and step away. LOL

Places we're going and People we're seeing... We went to the park with friends this week and had a homeschool meet up. Planning on a storytelling trip next week. We have TBall pictures tomorrow and we are down to two games left. Whew!

I'm cooking... I tried several different things this week. You can check out one of the recipes I made here. The other one I tried was making homemade cranberry sauce. Yummy!!!

I'm grateful for... All the wonderful service men and women past, present and future that serve our country and keep us safe and free. Thank you for all you do!

Here is a picture of our week... (well what I cooked this week anyway. LOL)

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