Monday, November 14, 2011

Brr..... Happy Monday!

Okay, I know you may think, you guys live in Florida... What do you have to be BRRR about? Right? Well it is true. We normally are warm and sunny but this weekend was down to 36 degrees! BRR!! :) I do feel for my friends that are up north or are in colder climates. I know you are colder but... BRR! While we did have a wonderful nice weekend of sunny and warmer than 36 during the day it was quite chilly to start off with. At TBall we were discussing how we never would have thought even i the 60's was cold but it is down here. I think my blood has thinned out and gotten used to the warm and beautiful sunshine that is so rampant here in Florida. Oh my...

We had a great weekend playing a TBall game, mini golf and generally relaxing with the family. I know it won't be that slow for long though with the holidays quickly approaching. Is it REALLY already November and a WEEK away from Thanksgiving??? Where did the time go??

I hope your family had a lovely weekend together as well. I am working on some ideas for our homeschool this week and I will post more on what we are trying later. (with pictures hopefully ;)) I hope you have a fabulous Monday and a great start to your week! Be Blessed!!

Remember there's no sweeter name... :)

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  1. We must have swapped weather. Up in Central NY, we've been having temps near 70!


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