Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Favorite Holiday Recipe...

There are so many! Over the years we have had so many wonderful dishes pass on our table. So many wonderful, beautiful hands have prepared these dishes over the years and now it is my turn to prepare some of them as well. Here are a few of my all time favs...

1. On the top of the list HAS to be my dad's ham. We are talking a slow cooked, over night, beautiful ham with pineapples and cherries and the whole works. While I love it at the Christmas Eve supper it is even better the next morning on a piece of cheese toast. Maybe it is just because that is my tradition but man... It is yummy!

2. My mother's peanut butter balls. I can only eat one or two a season but these are so yummy!

3. My mom's blown up pecan pies... Yes... They blow up... and make candied pecans goodness in the middle. She tried making them with egg beaters way back when and they blew up all over the stove. Ever since then this is my dads request is for her to blow them up. Now my hubby has fallen in love with them too and requests them. Who knew something that wasn't mean to be would be so yummy?

4. The 10LB Carrot Cake- I have now been passed this honor. It is called a 10LB carrot cake because that is what it feels like when you carry it. With all the added goodness it is just wonderful.

What are your favorite recipes through the holidays? These are just a few of mine that I look forward to every year. There are many more that friends have passed on that I have fallen for too. Share some of your favorites and maybe we can add them to our favorites! Keep on Cooking!!

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