Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up

In our life.... We had some ups and downs as usual. We had some great outside time this week. Enjoying the comfortable weather so I could swing and my kiddo could enjoy the fun of playing in the dirt. It turned cold on us this weekend so we are picking the warmer afternoon hours to enjoy it. ;-) Christmas get togethers start tomorrow so we are excited. It should be a fun couple of weeks coming up and we can't wait!

In our homeschool... This week we got through our last "boring" chapter of math for a while. I am torn though now... Do we start the new advancing stuff this week to only get about 3-4 days out of it and then come back after Christmas or do we wait? I am thinking we will wait because I don't want to start a new concept and then have two weeks off and come back. I think he might pick it up better if we started after Christmas and did it all together to build on it. This next week may just be review for us since we are getting ready to do some traveling.

Thoughts I have... I struggle with this every single day. Trying to get Boo Bear to read. He was doing well and then all of a sudden he is not showing any interest in it. I have tried getting things he might like to read and he does good for a while but then stops again. I have read throughout the blogosphere this week many inspiring posts like this one over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers that really helps me to see that it's okay. Hearing tips from other mom's that have gone through this before really helps. I know he is a boy and they are generally slower in these things than girls... It's telling it to my public school brain that I have trouble with. I HAVE to learn to defrag myself from that mind frame. This is supposed to be fun and enjoyable...

Questions I have... I am going to by a full curriculum or at least most of one next year for 1st grade. This year we have been piecing things together for Kindergarten. I think it was the best way since as most of the other moms out there talk about buying expensive items for this age and it not working out. So I haven't bought one yet but plan on it next year. I am considering Timberdoodle's full curriculum package. Has anyone out there worked with it or what would you recommend? Boo Bear is in love with anything colorful, on the computer, as a video game or anything similar. That is one reason he loved the Hooked on Phonics we were doing from the library... He could play it on the computer... What do you suggest?

I'm reading... Homeschool blogs this week. I am also reading a book for review and a couple I got at the library. Hopefully I can keep them all straight and not mixing all the details. LOL

I'm cooking... Parmesan Chicken Alfredo which was delicious. Also found some new recipes on Pinterest I am going to check out this weekend.

A picture from this week... Well not technically this week but I was working on this photo this week. :)

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  1. The picture in the tree is adorable, that grin ... so very sweet. My oldest had no interest in reading til she was 8, none, now she plows thro several novels a week, writes a bog and is working on two novels ... she will be 14 in January.
    Take a look at her blog if you have a minute (Wise Words By Wiki on blogger)
    Have a great week!


    Wow nominated for the homeschool blog awards. Love the owl on her blog :)

    Hi Boo's Mom.

    Love the snowflakes on your blog. I have used a few curriculums over the years and enjoyed most of them. I have not to date used a full Timberdoodle one however. My question to you would be what are you wanting from your curriculum ?
    Do you love to read out loud ?
    Are you able to pace yourself or do you need some one to direct you ?
    What do you want to achieve on your journey ?
    What other curriculums have you had a look at and why did you like / not like them ?

    I think there are so many interresting factors influencing a childs ability / enjoyment of reading I shared a few on my blog:

    I read in your about me page you like to cook and try new recipes. Have you ever made rusks ?

    and this is one of my favourite dinner recipes:

    Great to meet you and thank you for your note on my blog :)



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