Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday's Journey

WOW! We have made it to 400 this week on the Journey to 1000 gifts. :) Can't believe we have made it this far.. Let's see....

400. Spending time with my little man exploring nature and talking about our Savior.

401. This time of year... I absolutely love Christmas.

402. Great friends and good times with them.

403. My coffee... I love my coffee.

404. Trips to see family and just get away for a little while

405. The jobs that God has blessed me with this year. More and more opportunities for me to keep staying home and homeschooling my son. It is overwhelming but I know that this is an adventure and can't wait to see where this road takes us.

406. Listening to Christmas Carols while working. It just puts you in the mood. :)

407. The quiet of the morning before the day takes over

408. Listening to my kiddo pray over his lunch without having to be asked or told to

409. Going on a nature walk with my son and exploring all that is out there. Listening to all his questions and knowing what a precious time that is.

410. My husband's ability to make me laugh till I cry

411. New friends that God is planting along our journey

412. When I can do a craft and feel good because it was something I COULD do and it turned out nice. LOL I love to do crafty things but often don't feel like I can do it. :)

413. Christmas shopping... Even though I haven't done much yet I can't wait to go with my mom in a few weeks. I am purposely waiting to do some of it just so we can shop together.

414. Watching A Christmas Story over and over on Christmas Eve.. I never liked that movie until I watched it with my hubby. Now I have to see it at least once.

415. That high feeling you get after doing a good workout. Love Leslie Sansone DVD's and that I can do them come rain or shine.

416. Love my WII Fit and the Yoga on it. My little guy loves doing Yoga with me too. Maybe a yoga mat would be a good Christmas present... hmmm..

417. Getting to see family I don't see often at Christmas time.

418. Seeing dreams and prayers I have said for quite a long time come to fruition

419. Watching my favorite Christmas movies this time of year.. There is a long list of them ;)

Come join me on the Journey to 1000 Gifts. What are you thankful for today?

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