Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The 2:1 Conference....

I have seen several bloggers posting giveaways for tickets to this awesome AWESOME conference so I thought I would enter one. First I would like to thank those bloggers for giving away this wonderful prize.

Simply put I want to surround myself with Godly women/bloggers/homeschoolers to further our journey the right way. I want to learn and soak up all I can from those who have gone before me and to gain encouragement from those who have been where we are. I love reading these posts from this wonderful group and would love to hear them in person. There is just something about meeting face-to-face. Blogging and commenting, Twittering and Facebook are all great but that face to face contact is much needed.

Our homeschool journey is just beginning and starting off our next year with this would be wonderful. I love learning all the wonderful tips you all have to share and hope to one day be in the audience. ;)

It would also be a great way to turn this into a field trip/family vacation ;-) 


  1. I love the picture of your little boy in the water. So beautiful! Praying for us both as we pray for God to give us a way to make it to this conference!

  2. good luck! it will be a vacation!


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