Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughtful/Thankful Thursday:Trusting in Him

Today has been... Well.. Thursday. I have struggled for the past month on what to do about whether to move or stay still. Do we try to fit into a smaller house JUST so I can be closer to town or do we stick with the outskirts? Do we move at all or just keep on keeping on where we are? Do we look at getting a different car with better gas mileage so it isn't as bad on gas to go to the places we want to or not? I just feel very overwhelmed and so many things weigh on my mind and heart. I wish there was a map of things so I just go to the map and say okay, here we go. This is the direction we need to go in... I like my side of town. That's where our church is, our favorite library and librarian AND where my hubby works. All the classes I have put Boo Bear in are on the OTHER side of town... *sigh*

So as I look for that map I remember that I have one already.

Trusting Him. That's really the only way we get through day to day and life's little ups and downs. I am one of those who makes more trouble for themselves by stressing and worrying and becoming a "bulldog" as my loving hubby says.

So I will rest in the Lord and trust in Him knowing that if we should move then the perfect house will open up and we will not have to compromise. I will trust in Him that He will guide us in the way we should go. I will trust in Him to help me let go of my "bulldog" lady powers and become peaceful and still in His presence. He has everything worked out already and I need to stop trying to rush Him to make Him do His work on MY time.

I will finish with this...
I am thankful for my house that God has provided for us. I am thankful that we are safe and sound and have food on our table and a roof over our heads. I am thankful that we have clothes on our backs. I am thankful that my hubby has a good job and that God has opened more doors for me this past few months to work and help our family financially.
Thank You Lord for providing and help me to let go and let You take over.


  1. LOVED reading this so much!! God is FAITHFUL - always!!!

    Hope you link this up to my Thankful Thursday post today!!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  2. Trusting God is complicated because often what God wants is different than what I want. When I yield to God, He changes my desires to align to His, and then He gives me the desires of my heart, which were His in the first place. (That sounds deeper on paper than it did in my head. LOL)

  3. yes ..let when we let God in charge of our lives, life is so much easier b/c we can stop worying and let Him figure it out...He is smarter anyway!! hang in there and keep the faith!!!!


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