Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

This week was wild to say the least. Partly because Boo Bear's schedule was vamped up with two out of home classes. Partly because we are looking for a house. We rent currently and are looking for somewhere else to rent. We moved here three years ago in a hurry due to my hubby's job transfer and didn't know much about the area. Now that we have been year a little while we would like to move to a different part of town. Finding the delicate balance between what I want and what my hubby wants is turning out to be tricky ;-). Boo Bear and I spent a good part of the week driving around looking at different places and trying to decide where was best for all of us. I am learning that in most cases you can have location OR a bigger house. Not both. Which leads me to a self realization I am dealing with. I have too much junk. Honestly. I am looking at the things we have and a lot of them can go. I read Amy's E-book on Let Go of What You Own. It is a biblical approach to decluttering. I printed out this FREE e-book and wow. I am so thankful that God laid this on her heart to share with others. If you haven't stopped by Raising Arrows then you definitely should. Amy offers some great inspiration!

So after being inspired to decluttter I know wonder if a smaller house can actually work for us. If I get rid of junk that we don't need/use I believe it can. Just please pray for us as we make this transition and that the place God wants us to be will show up on His timing. {I am not really patient and boy am I learning some lessons on patience ;-)}

So without further ado...

In our life this week... We did lots of riding. Not much else except enjoying Boo Bear's new classes this week. Started planning a shower this week for my brother and his fiance. So proud for them!

In our homeschool this week... Not much "official" learning took place. We did discover the Big Cat Rescue that is close to us and watched a lot of their YouTube videos. My kiddo has fallen in love with them and we have watched them over and over. He also started his Nature Buddies Class and his theater class this week. He loved both of them. Mommy had a whole hour to herself yesterday and didn't know what to do with it. LOL I sat outside the theater in the nice breezy weather and just sat. Not much else. We are going to meet with a new homeschool group today as well. We are in one already but I think you can never have too many homeschool buddies. :)

My favorite thing this week... Seeing the excitement in my kiddos face as he went to his theater class. He asked me at dinner when was the next time he could go. I am so glad he found something he enjoys. Hope it stays this way.

Questions/Thoughts I have... Other than house looking I need to figure out curriculum for next year. This year we kind of winged it and while it is great for Kindergarten I feel we need a little more direction for next year. I have looked at the Timberdoodle full curriculum and liked what I saw. Anyone have suggestions on a nice 1st grade curriculum? WAIT A MINUTE!! Did I just say 1st GRADE?? Oh my!!! Wait I am having a moment....

I'm cooking... Not much this week but got big plans for recipes this weekend and next week. We have eaten out a few times this week due to the schedule constraints and I did not like it... Ready to get back in my kitchen so Pinterest... here I come!!

A picture from this week....

We stopped and enjoyed the afternoon at the park one day. HAD to get out of that car.... :)


  1. Lord, he is getting big! He is growing up too fast, so let's put a brick on his head. You have had a very busy week. We miss you, and love to hear about your outings and what you both are learning.

  2. Good Luck with the house looking. It is hard to find a place that works just right. Yes, decluttering helps the mind and soul, as well as fitting into a place.
    I've started reviewing next year's curriculum as well.
    Stopping by from THMJ to say hi.

  3. I'm getting ready to start looking at second grade stuff! Hits for first grade have been Abeka phonics/grammar/spelling/writing...with the Sonlight reading program. Abeka math. The big miss is science, we are doing RSO Earth/Space. I feel like there's not enough meat to go with the experiments.


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