Friday, January 6, 2012

Wrapping up the first week of 2012

The Homeschool Mother's Journal Can't believe we are already done with the first week in 2012. Whew!

In our life this week... Trying to get back in the routine of things. Bedtimes for Boo Bear are still out of whack but that does mean mommy gets more free time in the morning. Otherwise it was back to normal for most of our routines. I am feeling like something is trying to tackle me today so I am taking it easy and drinking some Emergen-C to say get out before you get here!

In our homeschool... We started back slowly this week and had some fun. We made a weather vane yesterday and tested it out in the backyard. We had a good time. Boo Bear did wonderful on his reading this week. He started reading some Dr. Seuss books for easy readers and had a much better time at it. He only lasts for a few minutes but that is okay. As long as he is trying... We started a chapter in math about measuring and we had fun with that as well.

Places we're going this week... We took a trip to the library, grabbed a few books and had a great dinner with daddy. Next week starts a busy schedule for us with a Nature Buddies class and a theater class for Boo Bear. I like relaxing days but I am also ready for some more action. LOL While we were busy over the holidays this week has been slow with a lot of home time for us and we are both ready to go somewhere. :)

Things I'm cooking.... Well this week was COLD here so we had chili one night. I now have potato soup in the crock pot and whole wheat bread rising in the fridge to cook this evening. I have never done fresh bread before so I had to give it a try. My lovely hubby got me the Kitchen Aide stand mixer so I am putting it to work.

I'm praying for... My aunt. She had knee replacement surgery this week and yesterday they moved her to ICU due to an irregular heartbeat and it was racing. She has developed a blood clot in her lungs so we are praying that it breaks up and does no damage.

A picture from this week... I have started making jewelry in my free time. (free time? I know! what is that?? ) Apparently my Grandmother fell in love with the ones I gave her for Christmas and wants to sell them for me :) I started working on some others this week for fun and here is one design I made.

What do you think?


  1. sounds like a good week to me! we are taking it easy as well - your weather vain sounds wonderful!

  2. I could've used some Emergen-C/Zicam/SOMETHING last week! I've been coughing all this week! I hope you don't come down with anything! Moms can't be sick! ;)

    Nature Buddies sounds like a blast! Will you be blogging about it?

    Beautiful necklace! Perhaps you have a future in jewelry making, huh?


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