Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

 Are we sure it's Thursday ALREADY?? LOL

What am I thankful for this week...

Meeting new friends. Had a great time playing at the park yesterday. Meeting new people and building new friendships.

A hardworking hubby that is encouraging and supportive. Even through all my crazy ideas. :)

Me time. Even if it's a trip to Wal Mart by myself. It still counts as me time right?

Winning tickets to the Equestrian Stunt Show this weekend. I can't believe I won them but that is what our Friday night will be this week! Seeing some awesome stunts and horses.

This beautiful weather. Even if my allergies are trying to take me down. It's still lovely!

Counting your blessings helps you see how truly wonderful life is and what great blessings God has given us... Even when things are tough. :)

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