Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In our life... Lots of cleaning, prepping and hanging out. We got to meet up with some friends this week at the park. My brother is getting married this weekend and we are all really excited. We had theater class this week as well and the teacher stopped me after class. She told me that Boo Bear has some potential with dancing. She said she was amazed at some of the turns he did yesterday. She said that was really good for his age. ;) SO we may have a dancer on our hands... Course daddy has a hard time with that thinking it's not really for a boy but maybe we can find a manly class. LOL :)

In our homeschool... We did several word searches this week. Boo Bear decided he liked those so that was something new. We basically did some review in our math this week going over several things we have done in the past. Trying to make sure they stuck :) . Math seems to be his forte right now. He seems to pick it up very quickly. We are still up and down on the reading. Do your kids do something great for others but not for you? Reading is the thing for us. I know he is almost 6 and it doesn't have to be pushed right now but it still confuses me. It's one of those things where he shows all the signs of reading readiness and does good for others BUT for me it's a different story. I have quickly learned that I am not going to worry about it because it will come in time. We will see...

Questions/thoughts I have... I think I have decided we will do Life Pacs next year for Science, Math, History and Geography, and Language Arts. I have been blessed with a friend who has the All About Spelling program level 1 and 2 that I want and she is going to sell it to me as they are finished with it. So for right now that looks like what we will be doing. Do you have your children in some other type of class like music or piano or dance? I was wondering what type of extracurriculars you have without going over board.

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We had dance class this week, a wonderful park playdate and we are visiting my family this weekend. Uncle is getting married so that is a big to do. :) Boo Bear picked out a shirt and tie even though he didn't HAVE to have a tie he WANTED a tie. I'll share pictures next week.

I'm cooking... I made oven fried wings this week, popcorn shrimp (from the box lol), and diet coke sloppy joes.

I'm praying for... several Facebook friends. Several have asked for prayers and many are dealing with loss of family members. Praying for all those who are struggling and for safe travels for our family.

A video for this week... I posted about this clip on another forum this week as I feel like a kid at heart. What age are you? Are you a child at heart or are you all grown up? :)


  1. LOVE the video! :) what a busy week! :) I love that movie!

  2. Diet Coke Sloppy Joes??? I'm intrigued!!


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