Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Love Of Laundry...

Well I don't REALLY love to do laundry but I love the tools I use to get it done. I have had a secret passion for my laundry ever since I discovered the Purex Crystals. I have always used fabric softener sheets. They smell nice for a few minutes but quickly faded. They also left lots of sheets EVERYWHERE!!! Then I discovered these magic babies!

 They are wonderful and my laundry smells wonderful too! For WEEKS not days. I love it!! I find myself smelling my laundry when I get something out to wear. ;) I love the fact that I can put them in my wash at the beginning of the cycle and forget it. They go with it through to the dryer and I fold and I'm done. No more forgetting to put the sheet in. No more worrying about timing the softener in the washer. I put it in and I go! I can't honestly make up my mind which scent I like the best yet though.

So have you tried them yet? Which is your favorite smell? And guess what!!! Right now Purex is offering a $1.00 off coupon on these bad boys! So stop by and grab yours and go out right now to get them. You'll be glad you did!! 

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