Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Wrapup: Spring Time Fun

In my life this week... It has been pretty busy. We have had lots of things going on. We are getting back into our routine after the wedding and having company for a week. The public school system was on spring break this week so that meant lots of activities going on too. This weekend is also full so it will be fun ;)

In our homeschool this week... We started working with a more Charlotte Mason type atmosphere. I love the laid back feel of it and how there are lots of readings and wonderful stories. I have honestly been looking for a list of books that we should read and couldn't really find what I was looking for till now. I am still learning about the style and seeing how it will fit in our homeschool. Boo Bear started working on his first creative writing for me this week. I know many say he is in Kindergarten why do that. Well, it is a struggle to get him to write anything so I thought by doing this it will help him to practice his writing and get better at it while I am seeing how his mind is working with the spelling and reading. He struggles with it at times and I am wanting to see where to go. :) Of course, he struggles when he doesn't WANT to read really. He does well playing the Hooked on Phonics games so I am thinking that will be our thing for next year. I have the one from the library now so that is great.

We did a science experiment this week learning about condensation. It was a lot of fun. We were learning whether the salt water made a difference when it came to clouds. Our conclusion... No...Salt does not evaporate with the water and thus there are no salty clouds. ;-)

Questions/thoughts I have... I am curious. I have read several sites this week on Charlotte Mason. One thing I read said you can't just take the book list and add it to what you are doing. Do you think that is true? I talked with one mom and she said that is not true. She said a lot of moms do that. So what about you? Do you go full on with this style or do you take different things from different methods and do what works? I think in the end we will end a nice blend of several styles. ;) Which that's pretty much what a lot of us do right?

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We had two wonderful park dates this week. We had a blast at both times but it is getting to that time of the year when kiddo can't make it longer than an hour to two playing. It is down right hot already... So hopefully we can get there earlier so he has time to play some before it is unbearably hot in the summer. We are also going swimming at Nana's this weekend for the first time of the season and he is about to burst with excitement!! This kid loves the water!

My favorite thing this week was... Relaxing and hanging with my kiddo. Meeting new friends and immediately feeling like we are old friends.

I'm Reading... Still reading the book for review and my silly self went and got several homeschooling books at the library to look through. I have read or read at them before but since we are about to gear up for another year I need to refresh my mind and thoughts on our game plan.

I'm cooking... Polynesian meatballs, crock-pot fajitas, and chili dogs. I will be posting those first two recipes soon so be on the lookout. Let's just say that the crock-pot day was totally awesome!!!

I'm praying for... A friend who lost a loved one unexpectedly yesterday. Guidance on curriculum's for our next year.

A picture of the week... Boo Bear got a new hair do this week ;) I think he looks pretty darn cute.

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  1. Love the science experiment. We were studying evaporation a couple of weeks ago around here too. Adorable hair cut too! What a sweet picture.

  2. Oh, we're a mix-match of several different styles and philosophies around here! A little Mason, a little traditional. I think what's important is to take those things that work or inspire YOU and YOUR KIDS and use those, disregarding the rest. Homeschooling is a UNIQUE journey for sure!

    I can't wait to see the meatball recipe! Sounds yummy!

    Cute hair cute! Have fun swimming! My kids went swimming in the lake a couple days ago. Crazy! LOL They weren't the only ones though! Just a couple of weeks ago there was still ice on the lake! LOL

  3. thanks for visiting my blog :)

    when I first started home schooling my son and when I home schooled my daughter years ago we too were used the mix and match approach. In this way you can make your home school work best for you and yours. I totally agree with Our Side of the Mountain each home school is special and unique.

    I LOVE using my crock pot :)

    and your son looks good :)


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