Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Last week was so incredibly busy and so incredibly fun ;) We are all catching up on our sleep and relaxing now though. LOL
So for this week I am thankful for...
- Fun times with family and friends. It's great to get together and have a blast. We had a bowling party and two birthday parties last week. Fun times!
- Watching my son dance with a huge smile on his face. He absolutely loves hip hop class and I'm so glad he does. I get a kick out of watching him to. He's doing really well for his age and keeping up with all those older kids.
- Increased work. Yes it is a larger load on Mama but it's something we needed. Thankful that God provides when you pray ;)
- The rainy days. Although I love the sunshine and the beautiful days, I love a good rainy day. It's refreshing and cleansing and just relaxing.
- A renewed excitement for our upcoming first grade homeschool year. I have been excited anyway but I was looking at some of our stuff this week and getting more excited about starting first grade. Sure to be an adventure!!!

What are you thankful for this week? If you feel overwhelmed or just down make a list of your blessings. You'll soon see that rain cloud over your head turn into a sunny day!


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