Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Recipe

Howdy! Welcome to Tuesday's recipe link up. This week will be another post where I share some awesome looking recipes. Some I might have tried, others are on my to do list ;). This weekend was super busy with my sweet boys birthday, mother's day and family in town. So I haven't tried anything really new. But here are some great looking bread recipes I want to try and would love to know if you have tried them too!

The first one I saw this week was Raspberry Dark Chocolate Banana Bread from Recipe Boy. This has all of my favorite ingredients and looks sooo yummy. I can't wait to try this one. It just looks so tasty and sinful doesn't it?

I have always wanted to try zucchini bread. I always see recipes for this and it looks so yummy. Have you ever made this type of bread before? At first I thought zucchini in bread?? Eww. But the more I like at recipes like this one from Nancy Creative called Lemon-Zucchini Loaf I am more and more tempted to believe it is a taste I must try! Oh and this one has a yummy yummy lemony glaze on top. yummmmmm

I tried these yummy dinner rolls a week or so ago. I was thinking I shared these with you but I can't seem to find my post. Maybe my brain thinks I did and I didn't get it done. Maybe I did it and my brain has just decided not to remember where I put it. My brain is kind of fried today! ;) I told you it's been busy here!

What is your favorite bread recipe? Do you mind sharing it so I can try it ;-) ? I love to cook and fully intend on trying at least one new recipe this week so next week I can share with you too!!!

Have a great recipe hopping Tuesday with these great link up! Our 4 Kiddos 

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