Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Moments: A Winner Announced and a Wet Weekend

We have a winner for our Samuel Collins DVD Giveaway!!
Congratulations to Sharla Entry #10. Thank you for entering and I have sent an email to the winner. For those of you who did not win this time don't lose heart. There are more DVD's coming and you will have another chance to win!!!

Boy are we swimming in the rain right now. Tropical storm season is upon us and boy has it decided to rear it's head. This is honestly our first active season since we have moved here and it has been quite... wet...
Do not get me wrong. I am so very thankful for the rain as so many parts of the country are dry and desperate for water. However... When the lovely noisy, obnoxious, weird sounding frog starts to sing at about 2:00 a.m because.. (well honestly who knows why).. I am ready for a break in the rain. We have been completely saturated and thankfully have dodged any tornadoes so far. We had a nice relaxing, wet, weekend this weekend and I am honestly glad. We have a very busy week coming up and today may be our last quiet day for the week. LOL

You know that's how it is. You go some weeks with absolutely nothing to do and you're looking for something to do and then some weeks are chock full.

The hubby and I tackled the office/school room this weekend as well. As I mentioned on Friday I am trying to decide about an umbrella school that we are visiting tomorrow. It is teaching the Classical method and it offers a private school as well as a homeschool option. We could meet once a week with a teacher where he would have class with other children.  For me, I think it would be great. We have had a hard time finding kids his age. I know they are out there homeschooling but we can't find them LOL. So for that aspect I think it is great! I also like the fact that I could connect with other mommies/homeschool families myself. He would also get the benefits of another teacher besides Mommy and to play the sports/extracurriculars with them. I am seriously praying about this to find out what works best for us. So, back to the office. I am trying to get it organized because if we do not go with the homeschool option we will be starting school back in a few weeks. So we are cleaning out stuff in the closets and making room for school. We moved some furniture around too ;) It was fun but still lots of work for it to be where I want it to be. I am planning, most likely, when my DS is gone to visit the grandparents I will spend that week on the organizing and purging I want/need to do. For some reason it seems easier without little hands saying oh! I have been looking for that ;) LOL

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and can't wait to hear how your weekend went as well! Blessings to you all and stay safe and dry ;)

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