Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Edition: Weekly Wrap-up

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In our life this week...Not much but enjoying each other's company. We have been having some really hot weather so we haven't done much outside. I have been trying to get my plan together for organizing the homeschool room and the house in general. Every once in a while I just get tired of it being the way it is and want a change ;) Do you ever just want to redo stuff around the house? That's the mode I'm in. Trying to figure that all out and make a plan to have it done before school officially starts.

In our homeschool this week... We have not been doing much official homeschool work. We have done several little learning things but nothing sit down and do. Boo Bear has told me though that we need to cuz we "haven't done school in a long time". ;) It makes me feel soo good that he misses it and wants to do it. We are doing a few summery books and doing some reading as well. Just to keep us going but Mommy needed a break and so did he. I am going to an open house next Tuesday for a private school that is opening this year. They are teaching the Classical Method and will be offering a homeschool option as well. You basically go in once a week for a day with a certified teacher and the children are with each other. Then you go home with lesson plans etc for the week. All the testing is done there and you can opt to do the extracurricular's with the school. So I want more information on it. The only thing is we would be doing their curriculum and not our own... Not sure on that yet...

Places we're going and people we're seeing... More trips to the library this week. We are both loving these library programs. When we first moved here we went to story time every week and he and the head librarian hit it off. They have played puzzles and read stories together every time we go since then. He loves her and loves going to the library. Since he turned five we haven't gone much to the official story times because they tend to be for the younger crowd. These library programs for the summer are geared towards his age and up and we are both having the best time :) I am so glad we have such a great library only 6 miles from us!!

Questions/thoughts I have... Depending on the cost I am really praying/considering the private school. I have been trying to mull over whether to go through an umbrella school or sign up through the county. Either way I have to pick one since he is now 6. Last year I just skipped it since he wasn't required to register and was working on figuring that out. Needless to say I'm still working on it... My question is that I don't know if doing the curriculum they have chosen for the first grade would be what I want. I honestly had pretty much figured out what we were doing until I knew this school was coming. The good thing is we are doing the same History program. So... what do you think you would do?

I'm reading... Mockingjay! I just got it from the library yesterday and I'm already hooked. I was falling asleep last night reading it and said I would just read one more page and ended up reading another chapter. It's great! I also got the first book in the Warrior series to read with my DS. He loves anything about animals and fighting and this seems to be a popular series with boys. We will see...

I'm cooking... Spaghetti, fried chicken and not sure what else. ;) I was excited because I cut up a whole chicken myself the other day. LOL I know you may be saying you do that all the time... I looked it up on YouTube to make sure I was doing it right. Then I battered it and slowly fried it in my electric skillet. It turned out so yummy and was still moist. yummm...

A photo of the week...Both of my "kiddos" like to sit in my lap at the same time. This is a regular thing when Mommy sits down ;) My title for this was both my heart and my lap are full of blessings. :)

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