Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I love this post each week and missed posting last week. (We were sort of on a mini vacation ;))
So this week I am back!

I'm thankful for my hubby's job. I know I may have said this before but I am so glad he works for a company that appreciates him and recognizes the hard work he puts in everyday. It may not always seem like they do but they truly do. I am so proud of him and all he does for our family. I was very proud of him as the owners bragged on him to me at his meeting last week. It's stuff I know but it's nice to hear them recognize it :)

I am thankful for a sweet kiddo. He is so precious and awesome. We have our hard times as all mom's and kid's do but I'm so thankful God let me be his Mama. :)

I am grateful for some down time for myself. During the business meeting mommy got to relax and Boo Bear got to visit with my parents. It was such a blessing and a wonderful time for both of us. Homeschooling we are around each other 24/7. While that is one of the reasons I homeschool it can also cause quite a bit of friction between us when we are. :) Not just for me but for him as well. He needed the break too LOL

I am so excited and thankful I learned a new craft this week. It is quite addictive and my hands are extremely sore already. I bought a yo-yo maker because I wanted to try to do some hairbows for the show I am doing this weekend. I haven't ever tried it but my mom made some super cute wallets with them and it looked easy enough to add to a bow. So after some digging around and practicing this is one of the ones I came up with this week.

What do you think?

I am trying to decide on a name of a site/etc. business name to sell my jewelry and these little things. I think they turned out super cute but I am also biased ;).

Please keep me in your thoughts this weekend as I will be doing my first jewelry show/sell and taking these bows too. I'm nervous because this is something I made myself and I always feel like it won't do well. (lack of confidence leaking through)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you and don't forget to stop by some of the other Thankful Thursday posts!


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