Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer MHJ

In my life this week... It has been busy but slow too. Is that even possible?? We are recovering from our weekend trip last week and I have been madly working on some bows and jewelry for my first sale this weekend. I have been working on some cute little hairbows that I have fallen in love with myself. Of course my fingers are really sore BUT that's the price you pay for finding a crafty idea you love right? :) We have been taking it slightly slower this week because Boo Bear doesn't seem to be quite 100% right now. He has his moments when he is playing Power Rangers on my bed and making me afraid he's going to break something. But he has also had a lot of sleeping and laying around too. I think it is his allergies but we will see.

In Our Homeschool... We are on summer break for now. After the sale this weekend I am going to be cleaning out our homeschool room and getting ready to get started. We are going to have a lighter load for summer and focus on our reading. We will do lots of fun things too. I have signed him for a camp during July and he's really excited.

Thing's I'm working on... Hairbows right now. ;) Oh and laundry.. It's amazing how being gone from home can throw your whole schedule off.... I'm going to be working on our homeschool room and getting organized. I am super excited about 1st grade but feel kind of overwhelmed right now. LOL I have a huge mess (to me it's huge) to go through and get myself organized and ready. I am an organizer and planner and feel out of sorts if everything is not planned. Of course, God showed me this year that it's okay to go outside your planning box. ;) I think that was one of the biggest lessons I learned this year.

Things I'm cooking... We had BBQ cups, grilled pork chops and pizza one night this week. Like I said, we are trying to catch up from our trip...

I'm reading... Catching Fire. I finally got it from the library after being number 80 in line. :) LOL I can't wait to read it and get to the third one. I guess I should go ahead and request that one now huh??

A photo of the week....

Since we were kind of slow I don't have photos of Boo Bear in action but I do have my new hobby :)

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