Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Moments: Having a Blast!

We had a very nice weekend this weekend as we celebrated the 4th a little early. We took Boo Bear to his first major fireworks display ever. He has not ever been because he is sensitive to noises so we just haven't done it yet. It is a little puzzling sometimes with his noise issues. I think that it all depends on the frequency honestly. In the bathrooms at public places he can not stand to use the air dryer but he can blast the computer or tv as loud as we will let him. LOL So we aren't really sure but we haven't wanted to scare him away from the fireworks because of the noise.

So we went with a few of our friends to a local church that does a huge festival for the fourth.There were bounce houses and water slides and tons of snacks and concessions. We finished the night sitting in the grass watching the fireworks. My favorite part was my son thanking us for taking him and telling us it was the best day ever!!! ;-) Love those little comments. He was so excited to play with his friends and we met some new friends that are homeschoolers in this area. They immediately latched on to him and wanted him to sit with them while watching the fireworks.

We had a wonderful time and we are looking forward to a picnic this week with friends as well. We will have a busy week ahead getting ready for Boo Bear to visit his grandparents and Mommy to reorganize the house while he's gone ;)

What did you get into this weekend?

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