Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 1 of Back to School!!

In our life this week... We have had a little bit slower of a week than last week but we did start school back. :) It was a lot of fun and we are getting back into the swing of things. We had a playdate and the last of the library summer programs.. :( We are both kind of sad about that but excited that the librarian is working on a homeschool meeting for the kids. I would love this to get going good because Boo Bear loves the library programs but the typical ones during the school year are for the babies. Keeping our fingers crossed that everything works out.

In our homeschool this week... Back to school week!! We have both been ready to start back to school thus the starting on an odd week ;) We had a blast getting into our new curriculum. I am getting a feel for how fast it is going to go with us. It seems that our math is going well and we are both liking it. Today we start some deeper math items and a new way of learning it for me so this is going to be interesting. Our science we have been doing the introduction to the Sea Animals of the 5th Day so that has been fun. We started learning about nouns and memorizing our first poem called The Caterpillar. He read a book about Orcas and has been reading his directions for his math.

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We went to a playdate at our local Chic Fil A yesterday and it was a blast. Yes... I support Chic Fil A and am not afraid to say it. I love a company that is not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. And they have really good chicken ;) We also had the last of our library summer programs this week.

What's not working/working for us... Geography does not seem to be working the way I had planned so I am going to try and figure out something. So I am trying to figure out how to make it exciting while not overloading him with it. Our Apologia Science is really working and really interesting. :)

I'm reading... Tigers Curse. I am so excited I got this book free from the library yesterday. to keep!!! They had a huge selection of awesome books for the people who came to the summer programs to get 1 book free. They didn't have any that Boo Bear would like so mommy got to pick one. :) We are also reading Magic Tree House Lions at Lunchtime together.

I'm cooking... homemade pizza, spaghetti, and my hubby grilled burgers for us one night this week. Looking forward to the weekend ;)

I'm praying for... Friends that are hurting, friends that need help and me to not get sick. I am fighting an allergy attack or something and we have a trip planned in a week and a half. I would appreciate the prayers!

 A video/photo of this week...

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