Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trying Real Food Recipes

Since I have been investigating certain dieting ideas I have found a couple I really like. Being a Type 2 diabetic it can be quite frustrating trying to find things to eat that are good and good for you. Let's face it... Some whole wheat things are not great... At All.... I have tried some whole wheat flour baking myself too and it wasn't with great results. Not until now anyway ;)

I have been trying to combine two great diets/life plans. I have been investigating Paleo and Real Food diets. Both of these have great results and I like both of them. Real Food bases more on eating just that.. real food. This main focus is getting the processed foods out of your diet. I find that highly appealing ;) . Paleo focus more on eating like our cave man ancestors do. While I could possibly go Paleo myself my hubby is not one to go all out with no wheat or anything. ;) So I am trying to do a combination of both. I think it will work really great for us. My hubby and son gets treats they like want and I get whole wheat that tastes great. I have been loving the recipes from the site 100 Days of Real Food.

One of the recipes I tried this week was the Whole Wheat Toaster Pastries. These turned out really good. We used No sugar added Red Raspberry preserves. I want to try them with other jams/jellies too. My hubby said it tasted almost like a pie! So what have you been cooking this week? Please do share!

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