Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Moments: Voting, Trick Or Treating And I'm Worn Out...

Wow! That was a busy weekend and holy cow we aren't done yet!!! ;-)

I have to first give thanks to God for the new job I was so excited to grab this weekend. I started this weekend and it's looking promising. It will take some balancing out and time to get used to it but it could be wonderful! Super excited.

Then I have to say I went yesterday and after only an hour of waiting I voted! Whew! Glad my vote is in and now all I can do is pray for God to have His way. Praying for the elections, the leaders of this country and that people will go out and vote.

This weekend was a whirlwind of fall fun and activities. We went to Barnes and Noble and got to see Spot the dog and hear about his Halloween party. We went trick or treating Friday night at the nursing home in town and it was so much fun with friends. We also did two library fall festivals this weekend and my son learned how to play Chess. He loved it and spent half the time at the fall festival Saturday playing with the Chess Wizard. ;-)

We also went trick or treating at the mall Saturday night. I think I am crazy! I love doing the fall festivals and know they only come once a year so we try to do as many as we can. I know one day it won't be cool to hang out with Mom anymore so for now we do what we can :-)

Tonight we have another fall party to attend and then trick or treating on Wednesday. What did you do this lovely fall weekend?

I hope you have a wonderful day and week ahead of you and enjoy the lovely weather. For those on the upper East coast, stay safe and batten down the hatches!! Praying for you all!

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