Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordy Wednesday: Gentle Reminders ;)

Normally on Wednesdays I do a photo and link up. Today I had something I wanted to share. Something that God spoke to my heart about yesterday and I just thought it might be nice to share it with my readers.

We went on a bike ride around our neighborhood. Daddy was in front, Boo Bear was in the middle and I was bringing up the rear. We took a longer ride than usual. I noticed that Boo Bear kept looking back to see if I was coming up to pass him. ;) (He's such a boy and everything is always a race). I casually told him to keep looking forward and don't turn around. Looking back will cause him to crash into something. And it hit me. Don't you love those times when God just smacks you with things... I felt it deep down that I should stop looking back and keep looking forward to where God will take us. Looking back will only cause me to stumble and question the road I am on. Keep looking forward and watching where you are going. Remembering where you have been can help you to keep from going back there but we should be focused on what's ahead of us. Just like Rafiki on Lion King said your past is behind you and you can run from it or learn from it. ;)

Thank you Lord for reminding me that looking back and taking my eyes off You can cause me to stumble. I hope you have a blessed day and keep looking forward. God's got great things in store!!!

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