Monday, October 22, 2012

So Blessed

Happy Monday to you!!! I hope you had a lovely weekend. We had another great one and some awesome cool fall weather come thru. My oh my I do love this time of year. Saturday we spent a beautiful day at the park with some new and some old friends. We had a great time. It's been sooooo long since I have sat at the park for three hours ( yes, I said three) and just let my son play and I had girl chat time. It was such a refreshing day. We used to do that a lot but we started homeschooling, friends moved away and well... life happened. :) It was much needed and much appreciated. It just goes to show you how life changes and stages are always happening. I am trying to realize we are constantly moving stages in our life and some friends will go with us through all of them and some do not as often as we like.

I have to share that we feel we have finally found a church home we can call home. We went this Sunday and it was awesome yet again. I already feel like home ;) . I have been searching and praying for one where we all enjoyed and they had things for children to do. This one seems to do both of those wonderfully. I am praying that if this is where God wants us to be we continue feeling this way. It is a blessing and a wonderful thing to have a church home.

What is up your sleeve for the week? We have our usual and then some. This week starts a lot of the fall festivals at the library, church and nursing home we enjoy. :) Hope you have a wonderful week and remember to thank God for your many blessings today and everyday!

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