Friday, November 2, 2012

Goodbye October.. Hello November!

In my life this week... busy again ;) we have enjoyed this week. We had a great time trick or treating and we enjoyed our cub scout pack party as well. The kiddos looked adorable. I even dressed up with my kiddo on Wednesday. I don't wear tights or pantyhose AT ALL. NEVER willingly at least... But I did Wednesday ;) I must REALLY love this kiddo LOL

In our homeschool this week... We had a lighter week with all the festivities but we still did our school work. I am trying to teach myself it's okay to have lighter weeks and learning takes place in all different kinds of ways. I mean I know this but I'm trying to really know this. We worked on our math, had our first spelling test, did some art projects and reading. We finished listening to the audio of Coraline and Ive+Bean Take on the Babysitter. I also found a Magic Tree House book that we don't have yet at Goodwill yesterday ;) I am working on getting those all for him since he loves them. Maybe it will encourage him to start reading them himself. :)

Questions/thoughts I have... When did you start doing their own quiet reading time? I am thinking of doing that now more than we do already. We read together , or he reads to me, during school time and I read to him at bedtime. I am thinking we may need to do some quiet reading time in the afternoon. When did you start your little ones doing reports, whether oral or written, on what they read?

Places we're going and people we're seeing...We of course went trick or treating, had a cub scout pack party, a park day with friends and tonight is the fall festival at church.

I'm reading...Phillipians. I am enjoying my "Your Bible" iPhone app with the studies and devotionals.

I'm grateful for... Allegra working it's magic on my kiddo. He has been taking Zyrtec for a while and this week the allergies were really kicking in. I switched him over to Allegra Wednesday and it's working beautifully so far. Still a little stuffy sounding but much better. I am also grateful for making new friends ;). I have met a wonderful friend in town and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other and our kiddos too.

My favorite thing of the week... It has to be dressing up with my kiddo ;) I had a blast... even if my feet were sore for two days after those shoes... LOL

A photo of the week... My handsome little pirate... ARGGHHH!!!

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  1. It is different to know learning happens all the time, versus letting yourself relax when the kids aren't tied to their desk! :)
    I started quiet reading time before my son could read! We have audiobooks and my husband records new ones regularly, and just looking at picture books is okay, too. It's a good habit to start early, and gives everyone a chance to recharge in the afternoon.


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